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Campbell's Liquid Shave Cream 8oz

Model: CAM67

Price: $4.95


Direction: Mix contents with two gallons of warm water OR add one cap full of Campbell's Liquid Shave Cream to each 8 ounces of warm water. (Jr. Model Campbell's Lather King holds 8 ounces-thus one cap full of soap to soap cup full of water). Deluxe machine would require 1-1/2 caps of Liquid soap to soap cup full of water. OR when using push button dispenser - dispense 1 full stroke into soap cup full of warm water, on Jr. Model Lather King, and 1 full stroke into the soap cup of the Deluxe machine with only 3/4 full of water. STIR THE SOLUTIONS IN THE SOAP CUP GENTLY AND IT IS READY TO USE.

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